Today, I’m joined by Stewart Roberts: Father, husband, entrepreneur, author, angel investor, board member and volunteer.

Roberts worked on the International Equity Trading Desk at Morgan Stanley in New York, co-founded TIX China, a Shanghai-based trading company and served as Orange County’s President of Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investment group. Wall Street trained, Harvard educated and one successful

Shanghai-based startup later, he marries the woman of his dreams and settles by the Southern California ocean.

It wouldn’t last. In just six-years……drugs, anger, and depression put his marriage and family at risk.

Stewart Roberts built his own solution…transforming his life.

Joining forces with a Navy SEAL and globally-ranked MMA fighter,Stewart Roberts’ books, online courses and bootcamps, each you how to Play to Win, without regrets.

The stories of struggle and triumph will show you the way to transformation, fulfillment, peace of mind and happiness.

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TikTok: @furthurcoaching

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