My Journey To Coaching

Since  I was a child, I was fascinated with personal growth and how to achieve it.  I devoured books, movies, seminars, philosophy classes (and now podcasts).

I consider myself a student of life because I am a work-in-progress and always becoming.

One of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan, put it this way- ” He (or she) not busy being born is busy dying.”

My journey has also been filled with loss, relationship problems, career challenges, and other limitations.  I have known anxiety, addiction, and crisis.  However, I consider my hardships my greatest gifts.  Our challenges are our allies to get us to where we need to be.

I am married, have 2 amazing children, and have been a practicing attorney since 2005. 

David Waranch, Life Coach for Lawyers

As you probably know, work-life harmony, parenting, and building healthy relationships are not for the faint of heart.  It takes work.  It takes effort.  It takes intention.

For me, when I started to learn how to build deep connection with myself, wife, and kids, everything started to change.  When I stopped being afraid of the person I wanted to be and  started to lead my life from my deepest core, my life became more alive.

I’m passionate about helping other fathers thrive in their relationships and uncover (or rediscover) their real selves.

If you are struggling, I get it.  The good news is that balance, joy, leadership, and confidence are all skills and mindsets that can be cultivated while you’re already living a very full life.

Through trial and error, I learned that I could actually DESIGN the life I wanted and have my career, values, family life, and relationships all align with my purpose.  For years, I harbored a secret dream to help others do the same.

Coaching is a very natural fit for me. I love helping people. I’m known as a very strategic thinker who can cut through the BS, get to the bottom line, and create powerful breakthroughs.

My view of coaching is based on a “whole person” approach.  I’ve come to understand the importance of how every aspect of our life needs to work together to create our most fulfilling life.

I use my collage of experiences, time tested strategies and an “avante garde” approach to my coaching, including “focusing,” non-violent communication, IFS (internal family systems), and many other modalities.

Why I Love Coaching

Although our life may look “successful” on the outside, we often struggle to turn inward and examine if this is what we really want. You have made so many sacrifices.  Sometimes,  when we finally have the opportunity to focus on ourselves, we feel lost and confused. The right coach can help you transform.

I firmly believe:

  • We have complete control over the direction of our life.
  • Each one of us has been gifted with a unique set of talents – it is up to you to express them.
  • Everyone experiences set-backs in life – and these can be our greatest gifts if harnessed right.
  • You can transform yourself.
  • Deliberate learning and awareness is worth the investment.


6 other things about me

  1. I’m a coffee enthusiast (Read-snob).  I think great coffee conquers all.
  2. My super power is untangling knots (jewelry, yarn, you name it)
  3. I really love a good power nap (sometimes at strange times).
  4. I have dabbled in stand-up comedy.
  5. I sometimes struggle with anxiety, shyness, and vulnerability so I hide behind humor (See No. 4)
  6. Live music and traveling abroad are my moments of zen.