Work With Me

Is Coaching for You?

I work with people who have a full life either raising a family, building a career, often both (or many other things), and now find themselves asking, What’s next? How Can I Live Deeper?  

Here are some common situations my clients face:

Want help in expressing their “authentic selves”.

Need help cultivating a deeper emotional and sexual connection with their partner or spouse.

Want to design a career that more authentically serves their lifestyle, purpose, and financial concerns.

Need help navigating a work/life harmony

Need support in connecting with and parenting their kids.

Need support with stress, burnout, and/or addictive and compulsive behavior.

Need to pivot from taking care of others  (kids, spouses, clients) to focusing on their own physical, emotional and social well being.

Need help navigating life challenges such as a change in relationship status or taking your life in a totally new direction.

You’ll get a lot out of coaching if …

  • You want to make a change and move forward
  • You are willing to do the work
  • You are ready to be challenged
  • You will dedicate time to this
  • You can keep an open mind to possibilities.

What happens at your free session?

I’ll listen to your story and ask you questions.

You can ask me any questions and we’ll decide whether it is the right fit.

If we decide there is a fit, we’ll set up some more sessions and get to work.

What does a typical session look like?

A coaching session actively works on clarifying, questioning, and challenging.

I may also recommend exercises, writing projects, and books to help move you forward and hold you accountable.

We will generate a clear plan of action.  I encourage you to be in touch with me between sessions for ongoing support.